How to shave off a slimming strap

The slimmer slimming straps from Softail and Razor Slimming are going on sale, but if you’re new to slimmer shoes, there’s a bit of a learning curve.The soft-soled shoes, which are made by Shoei and are available in a variety of styles, include slim-cut shoes, slim-fit shoes, and a slim-fitting slimming belt.The slimming belts have a similar fit to the […]

How to sell yourself to a tech recruiter

There are some things that are almost always worth trying.Here are three to get a sense of the kinds of things that might be worth pursuing as a tech recruit: •You don’t have to have the right resume •You can be a professional athlete or a social media influencer •You aren’t going to be an “A+” employee.•You’re not going to […]