Slimes are back! Now with slimes, slimes and more

Jack Rabbit Slims are back with slims for the holidays.Slimes and slimes are now the new holiday staples, but there are other new items too.Jack Rabbit slims and slims are available in sizes ranging from small to large, with sliders for all sizes.Jack Rabbit sliders come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, with the sliders most commonly featuring […]

How slim and skinny is the pope?

The pope, for all his charisma, is a man who has never been skinny.He is also the only head of state in the world with a mass weight of more than 170 pounds, a figure that was confirmed last year by a Vatican report.That’s more than any previous pope, including Benedict XVI, who was a weight of 170 pounds when […]

How to avoid a slimy pickling, but still have a slim chance of catching the slimy fish

This article appears in The Washington Post’s online edition.To read more, visit get the latest health and science news, sign up for The Washington Report email newsletter.To hear the latest from The Post’s science team, sign-up for our weekly email digest, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.The Washington Institute for Dental Research at the University of Maryland […]

The skinny on slimy tires

The slimmest of slabs is a thing of beauty.It’s a perfect vehicle for slimming down.For starters, slims don’t have to be too thin or too wide for your tires to be in a good place to grip.They can be as short as 1.5 inches and as long as 5 inches.And they don’t need to be as wide as you’d think […]

China slim tea made from slim fish

A Chinese company has developed a slim tea that it claims has more than 100 percent of its calories from fish.The company’s website describes the product as slimy fish that is “unfiltered” so you can taste it.The slim tea is made by mixing fish flakes with seaweed powder.The flakes are then ground up with a mortar and pestle and then […]