Slim Walmart is introducing an $8.99 slim tire inflators

Slim WalMart has released a pair of tires that it says can help prevent a tire from leaking when inflating.The tire inflaters have a removable casing, which is then sealed to prevent leaking.The company says the $8,99 tires are the first to use an advanced technology, and that it can produce up to 500 psi of pressure.Slim is touting that […]

PS4 Slim Walmart: You can buy PS4 slim at $329

Sony has launched a new PS4 line that includes a slim model of the PlayStation 4.The PS4 S and PS4 Pro will be the first slim-line models to launch in the US and the European markets, while the PS4 and PS Vita will also be available for $329 and $349 respectively.Sony’s PS4 lineup has remained largely unchanged since the PS3’s […]