How Slim Walmart is killing the beauty industry

In 2017, Slim Walmarts CEO David B. Wylie resigned after a string of scandals.He had been in charge for just over a year.Then, in late May, the company filed for bankruptcy protection.A year earlier, Wyliys company, which had been owned by his father, had announced a plan to acquire a stake in a major online retail chain, Walgreens.The company also […]

How to get rid of your slim walmarts

Small, fast and cheap: Slim stores are back.In an era of ever-growing consumerism, you can get your hands on some delicious treats without breaking the bank.We’re looking at some of the best slim food options available right now.If you’re in the market for some healthy, healthy snack ideas, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for this article.Read […]

Slim Walmart is introducing an $8.99 slim tire inflators

Slim WalMart has released a pair of tires that it says can help prevent a tire from leaking when inflating.The tire inflaters have a removable casing, which is then sealed to prevent leaking.The company says the $8,99 tires are the first to use an advanced technology, and that it can produce up to 500 psi of pressure.Slim is touting that […]

PS4 Slim Walmart: You can buy PS4 slim at $329

Sony has launched a new PS4 line that includes a slim model of the PlayStation 4.The PS4 S and PS4 Pro will be the first slim-line models to launch in the US and the European markets, while the PS4 and PS Vita will also be available for $329 and $349 respectively.Sony’s PS4 lineup has remained largely unchanged since the PS3’s […]