Dickies Slim Fit: The ‘Walking Shaving Club’

Dickies Slim Fit: The ‘Walking Shaving Club’

Dickies has introduced its Slim Fit line of shaving products that will soon be available in China.

The company announced on Tuesday that it will be offering the slim shave to select customers in the country. 

The product is the first in the Dickies line, and it comes in a number of colors.

The Dickies slim fits are made with a combination of vegetable-based and synthetic ingredients.

The shaving product is available in three different sizes: a men’s slim fit, a men-friendly slim fit and a women’s slim fitting.

For a more in-depth look at the products, check out the company’s blog post.

Dickies is partnering with a local shaving brand, which is known for its smooth and creamy shaving products, to offer the slim fit in China, according to the company.

The product will be available at Dickies stores starting on March 12.