‘I just couldn’t get over’ the Slim Slim

Slim Slim storage cabinet is a staple in any home.It’s the perfect solution for storing essentials, such as a few extra books, a tablet or a camera, or even a pair of shoes.But the Slim’s design doesn’t always work for me.Sometimes it just looks better in a bag, or the Slim doesn’t do a great job of storing the essentials […]

How to Get Rid of Fluffy Slime in your PS4 Slim

The latest installment in the fluff-free Slime series is here.Fluffy slime is a product that can be found in stores and online.It is a super fluffy slime that is made of silicone and contains water.Fluffy Slime is super fluffy and has a soft texture.You can make it with any kind of silicone that you like.It has an extra softness, which […]

How to avoid a slimy pickling, but still have a slim chance of catching the slimy fish

This article appears in The Washington Post’s online edition.To read more, visit washingtonpost.com/thedaily.To get the latest health and science news, sign up for The Washington Report email newsletter.To hear the latest from The Post’s science team, sign-up for our weekly email digest, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.The Washington Institute for Dental Research at the University of Maryland […]

Slimming swimsuit: Slimming is the future?

The Slimming Swimmingsuits.com website is offering to pay $10,000 for a pair of swimsuits made of silicone.The site says the swimsuits will “slim down” and “remove the excess water from your body”.“The Slimming Swimsuits are made from 100% natural silicone.These slimming swimmers will give you that extra boost and lift your body,” the website states.The swimsuits have been developed by […]

How to use slime lickers for mint tea

What do you do when you want a mint tea that’s a bit sweet and sweet and smoky?Well, you can’t just go buy a bunch of cheap mints and then pour a bunch in your tea kettle and leave it to steep.Instead, you’ll need to mix your own.And you don’t have to go out and buy any other cheap tea […]

When the queen of slime terrariums comes to Toronto, it’s not just the city she’ll be visiting, it is the entire province

The queen of sludge terrarias is about to head to Toronto.Queens slime terrarians are everywhere, from New York to Toronto to the B.C. coast.It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum across North America.This month, we caught up with slime terrarian Kate Brown, and asked her about her favourite place to spend a Saturday, and what she’d tell any young person […]

A New Look at the Slime Ingredients in Slim Whitman’s Slim Belt

Slim Whitmans Slim Belt is made of a super-frosty-creamy substance, which it uses to thaw the product before being placed on the hips.The product’s makers claim the frozen thawing process will make it super-moisturizing and absorbable.The slim-white substance is infused with a superfood called Niacinamide that has been shown to help with energy, immunity, and metabolism.This superfood is one of […]

How to dress the perfect weekend swimsuit

Get ready to dress yourself to keep you cool and ready for the weekend!There’s no better way to start a weekend than with a swimsuit that keeps you looking and feeling sexy, and you won’t regret it!You’ll be amazed how easy it is to dress up a weekend outfit and it will feel incredible when you’re ready to get in […]

How to lose the slim leg?

Slim legs are among the most fashionable and most sexy legs of all time.There are lots of different styles to choose from and the legs that we know and love are typically slim.We’ve all seen them on TV or in the movies, and many of us have tried them.But, what does it actually look like to lose your slim legs?Well, […]