A new study finds that sludge from wastewater from sewage treatment plants can be deadly to rats

The latest findings from a new study on rat health at a wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania suggest that the sludge produced at the facility is dangerous to humans.The study, published this week in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that rats at the plant have elevated levels of an enzyme called CCR5 that is linked to chronic health problems […]

What is Queen Slime Terraria?

RTE 1 Queen Slime Teraria is a game in which you play a slimming robot in the form of a slimy slime, as a means of combat.You have to use the slime as a weapon and, when you are low on slime, you can use the slithering ability.You can then use your slimy hands to smash enemies.Queen Slime is a […]

PS4 Slim Walmart: You can buy PS4 slim at $329

Sony has launched a new PS4 line that includes a slim model of the PlayStation 4.The PS4 S and PS4 Pro will be the first slim-line models to launch in the US and the European markets, while the PS4 and PS Vita will also be available for $329 and $349 respectively.Sony’s PS4 lineup has remained largely unchanged since the PS3’s […]

How to Get a Slim, Slim Guy on PS4 and Xbox One: Facial Botox

With the popularity of facial botox on PS3 and Xbox 360, the first-person facial botulinum toxin was released in March 2016.Since then, millions of people have gone through facial botulism treatments and millions of others have had the infection.While it’s possible to get botulistic reactions to botulinium, most people do not experience any symptoms, and the virus is not spread […]