Why you can’t use your own green slimes

You’ve probably never seen green slime slime before, but they’re a natural part of the Japanese environment.That’s because slimes are very small, and so are they, making them easy to harvest.It’s also easier to find, because slime is hard to find.This article will explain how to grow and harvest slimes from green slabs in the backyard.Green slimes have a very […]

How to Play the Xbox One Slim console on PS4 Pro

With the release of the PS4 Slim console and PS4 console Pro, Sony has finally introduced the Slim to a whole new audience.With slim consoles now available to consumers and the Xbox Scorpio, there is now a huge opportunity for Sony to push forward with new, more powerful hardware that can deliver even more powerful games.We take a look at […]

What’s in the new PlayStation 4 Pro Slim and PS4 Pro Slim Pro Slim (and what’s coming next?)

Slim builds on the foundation of the original PS4 Slim, but it also brings improvements to the entire system.There’s more RAM, a better battery, and new features like a more powerful camera, more power efficiency, and more internal storage options.The Slim Pro’s biggest change is its battery, which is now 5 percent smaller.While it’s still the same size as the […]

How Slim Walmart is killing the beauty industry

In 2017, Slim Walmarts CEO David B. Wylie resigned after a string of scandals.He had been in charge for just over a year.Then, in late May, the company filed for bankruptcy protection.A year earlier, Wyliys company, which had been owned by his father, had announced a plan to acquire a stake in a major online retail chain, Walgreens.The company also […]

Who will win the Derby in 2018?

By Ben Rushmore The 2018 Derby winner is in the running.In the race to claim the Derby crown, there are still a handful of potential candidates.The winner will also face a massive task ahead of them, with a number of teams battling for the top spot.The race to take home the Derby title will take place in October.That means the […]

How to make pink slime at home

How to Make Pink Slime at Home: This is the second installment of our Pink Slime Farm series.I have a few different methods to make this stuff, so please feel free to share them in the comments section.If you want to learn how to make slime at the kitchen table, I highly recommend the Pink Slime Recipes Cookbook by Jenni.