Slim picks: Slim picks’ slim picks: The most sexy swimwear

SINGAPORE – For the second year in a row, the world’s most famous women’s swimwear brand Slim Pickens, is making its slim picks in Singapore.Slip-on slimming swimwear, made by the British company, has been voted by the Singapore International Swimwear Design Association (SISDA) as the most popular swimwear in the country.The slim pickings were announced on Tuesday (July 23) by […]

Slimming swimsuit: Slimming is the future?

The Slimming website is offering to pay $10,000 for a pair of swimsuits made of silicone.The site says the swimsuits will “slim down” and “remove the excess water from your body”.“The Slimming Swimsuits are made from 100% natural silicone.These slimming swimmers will give you that extra boost and lift your body,” the website states.The swimsuits have been developed by […]