Slim picks: Slim picks’ slim picks: The most sexy swimwear

SINGAPORE – For the second year in a row, the world’s most famous women’s swimwear brand Slim Pickens, is making its slim picks in Singapore.Slip-on slimming swimwear, made by the British company, has been voted by the Singapore International Swimwear Design Association (SISDA) as the most popular swimwear in the country.The slim pickings were announced on Tuesday (July 23) by […]

Who will win the Derby in 2018?

By Ben Rushmore The 2018 Derby winner is in the running.In the race to claim the Derby crown, there are still a handful of potential candidates.The winner will also face a massive task ahead of them, with a number of teams battling for the top spot.The race to take home the Derby title will take place in October.That means the […]