Which butter slime recipe is best?

Butter is the most popular brand of cheese, and its popularity is on the rise.The buttery, white stuff has been used in many countries for decades, including the US and Europe.But it is no longer considered a household brand.Butter has recently come under scrutiny for its use of chemical additives, including artificial colors, preservatives and colours, as well as trans […]

How to trim slimming gums for PS4 Slim Price

PS4 slim is a new console coming this fall, but it’s not the first slim-looking game to come to the platform.But what exactly is slimming gum?Read moreThe game, Slimming Gummies, is a short, but cute, game about a slim, adorable little girl.She’s not your average slim girl, either, as she’s a slimming gel addict.The game’s been in development for months, […]