What’s going on with this slime monster?

Posted on August 24, 2018 at 11:31:52The slime monster from Mario Bros. 3 has been one of my favorite creations ever since its creation, and it’s now officially a real thing.Nintendo announced this new slime monster during the Nintendo Direct event today, and the company didn’t waste any time making it available to everyone.The game’s slime monster is now available […]

The next great Australian console is coming soon – IGN

A slim console that uses a slim chassis to deliver a smooth, high-performance gaming experience.The slim console is the first gaming console designed to be built from the ground up for the new consoles.It uses a thin aluminium frame to offer gaming comfort, while using an aluminum casing to reduce weight and reduce bulk.The Slim Console is the world’s first […]

When the queen of slime terrariums comes to Toronto, it’s not just the city she’ll be visiting, it is the entire province

The queen of sludge terrarias is about to head to Toronto.Queens slime terrarians are everywhere, from New York to Toronto to the B.C. coast.It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum across North America.This month, we caught up with slime terrarian Kate Brown, and asked her about her favourite place to spend a Saturday, and what she’d tell any young person […]

What is Queen Slime Terraria?

RTE 1 Queen Slime Teraria is a game in which you play a slimming robot in the form of a slimy slime, as a means of combat.You have to use the slime as a weapon and, when you are low on slime, you can use the slithering ability.You can then use your slimy hands to smash enemies.Queen Slime is a […]