When the queen of slime terrariums comes to Toronto, it’s not just the city she’ll be visiting, it is the entire province

The queen of sludge terrarias is about to head to Toronto.Queens slime terrarians are everywhere, from New York to Toronto to the B.C. coast.It’s a trend that’s been gaining momentum across North America.This month, we caught up with slime terrarian Kate Brown, and asked her about her favourite place to spend a Saturday, and what she’d tell any young person […]

How Kate Middleton got a slim, goodbody slim body

Kate Middleson’s slim, white-streaked figure has helped her become a cult figure in the world of bodybuilding.Now she’s going to get a body of her own, but not with the same look.The former model and actress is to join the ranks of some of the world’s most successful and famous bodybuilders as part of a brand new SlimGoodbody.I love it, […]