How to remove the Slime Anime in Playstation 4 Slim

How to Remove the Slime anime from your Playstation 4 slim?If you’ve got the PlayStation 4 Slim, you’ve probably noticed the Slime series of anime characters popping up in some of your favorite games.In fact, we’ve had enough Slime Anime to fill our own slime box.Now, you can remove Slime Anime from your PS4 Slim, without leaving your house.The Slime […]

Why the PS4 is the best console for gaming

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the most powerful gaming console ever made, with the best graphics performance, the best audio experience and a ton of games.But with this week’s launch, there’s no shortage of new questions about the PS3 and PS4, which is also coming out this week.Is the PS Vita better?Is it better than the Xbox 360?Is the Xbox One […]

Slime MineCraft – A game for the whole family

By Ryan RoddySource Financial Post September 26, 2019 14:18:07I have been playing Slime for about 3 months now, and I must say I really like it.It has a really simple, easy to learn, and challenging game.It’s just a simple, but effective way to play Minecraft, so if you’re not already familiar with Minecraft, I suggest checking it out.Slime Mines has […]