How Slime shops work: A guide to buying games

By Tom ClarkThe Verge/TechCrunchA new book, Slime: The Art of Creating and Playing Indie Games, offers a detailed look at the mechanics behind the online gaming community, from the most basic online gameplay to the creative, chaotic and downright weird ways the community operates.While the book focuses on the development of games for mobile devices, Slime has become a hot […]

How to make slime: How to Make a Sponge with No Glue

A new video tutorial for making slime appears on YouTube, a new toy and a new way to make your own slime.The Sponge SpongeBob SquarePants video, titled “Making Sponge with no glue,” is made up of five different SpongeBob videos, as well as a new recipe for slime.The recipe for SpongeBob slime was created by a SpongeBob fan.The video uses […]

How to Install Slim Desk, No Glue Slime on PS3

Slim desk was introduced to the PS3 platform with a price of $499.It’s one of the most successful and popular PS3 games of all time.The Slim desk comes with two desks, a couch, and a bed, all of which can be installed using a pair of Philips Hue bulbs.This is a very basic system, but it works.If you have a […]