How to make slime: How to Make a Sponge with No Glue

A new video tutorial for making slime appears on YouTube, a new toy and a new way to make your own slime.The Sponge SpongeBob SquarePants video, titled “Making Sponge with no glue,” is made up of five different SpongeBob videos, as well as a new recipe for slime.The recipe for SpongeBob slime was created by a SpongeBob fan.The video uses […]

How to Install Slim Desk, No Glue Slime on PS3

Slim desk was introduced to the PS3 platform with a price of $499.It’s one of the most successful and popular PS3 games of all time.The Slim desk comes with two desks, a couch, and a bed, all of which can be installed using a pair of Philips Hue bulbs.This is a very basic system, but it works.If you have a […]