How to make keto slim with keurigs slim

Keurig Slim is a product made by the makers of the Keurigs coffee.KeurIG Slim comes in a range of flavours including: Chocolate milk, strawberry, strawberry milk, chocolate milk, cocoa butter, chocolate coffee and chocolate butter.It has a range price of €6.79, but you can also buy it online for around €3.The Keurigi Slim is currently available in Ireland only.It’s available […]

Slime ranchers: ‘I could eat a horse’

With the drought hitting, the Slim Ranch in southern California is already suffering from a lack of water.And the Ranch’s owner, Mike DeAngelo, is desperate to find a way to survive.Slime rancers: ‘If you come in here and you see this, you will get hit with a law suit’Slime ranch owners Mike DeAngelis and David Wertz both fear that the […]