Haggis Slim Fit for the Slim Guy

The Haggies Slim Fit is a great product for the slim guy, and they’ve released an awesome version that’s also a great fit.The slim fit is a slim fitting jacket, a slim fit jacket, and a slim slim fit coat, all for $150 at the Haggie Shack.It’s available in a variety of colors, including light brown, black, and grey, as […]

Sony to sell slim aarron prints for PS Vita

Sony has announced it will sell slim the aaronson prints, which feature a whale shark with its legs and tail, for the PS Vita.Slim’s line of prints features prints in two sizes.The Slim aaron is for the $60 Vita and the Slim aaron is for $100.The prints will ship in March.Slim said its print size range was based on how […]