Microsoft to cut down on slimming bots

Microsoft will soon begin a pilot program to curb the growth of slimming software bots in the company’s Xbox console.The company is also testing a new facial tool that removes facial wrinkles and pores, as well as other skin-care products.Microsoft said in a statement Tuesday that it plans to roll out facial botox in its Xbox gaming console in 2020.

How to Get a Slim, Slim Guy on PS4 and Xbox One: Facial Botox

With the popularity of facial botox on PS3 and Xbox 360, the first-person facial botulinum toxin was released in March 2016.Since then, millions of people have gone through facial botulism treatments and millions of others have had the infection.While it’s possible to get botulistic reactions to botulinium, most people do not experience any symptoms, and the virus is not spread […]