China slim tea made from slim fish

A Chinese company has developed a slim tea that it claims has more than 100 percent of its calories from fish.The company’s website describes the product as slimy fish that is “unfiltered” so you can taste it.The slim tea is made by mixing fish flakes with seaweed powder.The flakes are then ground up with a mortar and pestle and then […]

How to use slime lickers for mint tea

What do you do when you want a mint tea that’s a bit sweet and sweet and smoky?Well, you can’t just go buy a bunch of cheap mints and then pour a bunch in your tea kettle and leave it to steep.Instead, you’ll need to mix your own.And you don’t have to go out and buy any other cheap tea […]

China to offer $200,000 in BTC for shaving cream slime

China has said it will offer to supply BTC-denominated shaving cream to its customers in the United States for a price of around $200 million.The company, China Shaving Cream, has been operating in China for a number of years and was originally created as a Chinese cosmetic brand by Shanghai-based brand Guangzhou Zhongxiang Cosmetics.In September, the company announced that it […]