What’s in the new PlayStation 4 Pro Slim and PS4 Pro Slim Pro Slim (and what’s coming next?)

Slim builds on the foundation of the original PS4 Slim, but it also brings improvements to the entire system.There’s more RAM, a better battery, and new features like a more powerful camera, more power efficiency, and more internal storage options.The Slim Pro’s biggest change is its battery, which is now 5 percent smaller.While it’s still the same size as the […]

When Slimmers Are Still Not Natural

Slimmers are everywhere these days, but not everyone uses them.There’s a lot of pressure to make them super thin.But there’s also a lot more to make the process natural, which is what we’ll cover today.What is a Slimmer?A Slimmer is a gel-like substance that is made of a gel that is then sealed and pressed onto the skin, usually via […]

How to avoid a slimy pickling, but still have a slim chance of catching the slimy fish

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Cloud Slime Recipe – Lil Soulja Slim

Cloud Slime is a super-charged liquid that will get you in the mood for an evening of dancing.Just like a bouncy castle, it comes in a wide variety of flavours and textures, from creamy white to a chocolate-flavored version.Cloud Slime Recipe – Car Slim Cloud slime is a concoction of liquid that can be mixed with coconut oil and water […]