This Week’s Slime Season 2

A bunch of the world’s most prolific slime producers are gearing up for the next season of slime season, with the likes of L.A.-based slime-maker Fungus Limes and Seattle-based slime producer J.M. Slater both in the running for the honor of best slime producer.Slime producers Fungal Limes (left) and J. M. Slater are two of the contenders for the 2017 […]

The Slime Ranch: Why Do People Eat Slime?

The best of the best.The best and the brightest.The Slime is our food of choice.But what exactly is it and why is it important?We wanted to find out.And, for the first time, we went undercover.A taste of the slime ranch, this is what we found: The slime ranch is a ranch in Colorado that is open to the public on […]

What to do when you lose your iPhone 6s?

Slim thick eboney looks like an old iPod, but it can be yours for as little as $8.99.It’s a little pricier than the new iPod, and it’s not a true replacement for the new one, but the 6s is one of the best Apple products ever made.Slim thick  ebony is the perfect combination of durability, design, and affordability.This ebony iPhone […]

China to offer $200,000 in BTC for shaving cream slime

China has said it will offer to supply BTC-denominated shaving cream to its customers in the United States for a price of around $200 million.The company, China Shaving Cream, has been operating in China for a number of years and was originally created as a Chinese cosmetic brand by Shanghai-based brand Guangzhou Zhongxiang Cosmetics.In September, the company announced that it […]

Snoop’s newest video is an homage to ‘rainbow slime’

Snoops newest video features a cartoon character making a rainbow slime ball from the same stuff he is selling. In the video, the cartoon character uses the same ingredients to make the rainbow slimeball as Snoop’s current line of rainbow slimeballs, but instead of slime, it has a red substance in it. “The rainbow slime balls that Snoop sells are the ones […]