‘King Slime’ Gets A Real Scoop From MTV’s “King Slime” Video

‘King Slime’ Gets A Real Scoop From MTV’s “King Slime” Video

This video is now the #1 slime video on YouTube.

King Slime has been making waves since the beginning of the millennium and has now become the subject of a new video starring actor David Ayer.

He plays the title role and has some serious chemistry with the lead character.

The two talk about their lives, family, and relationships, and even have a few moments of love in the video.

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King Slime has a ton of great chemistry with Ayer and the rest of the cast of “King’s” new movie, which premieres on HBO next month.

The film is based on the book King’s Book of Slime.

Watch the video above to see what all the fuss is about.

King’s latest movie is called “The Lost Children,” and the first chapter of it is called, “The Children of King Slime.”