‘Slime supplies: How we supply the poor and homeless with healthy snacks and food’

‘Slime supplies: How we supply the poor and homeless with healthy snacks and food’

How do you supply a poor and needy population with healthy snack and food?

With the help of a small group of friends, the ‘Slimes for the Hungry’ initiative is being launched by The Hindu.

The initiative is a way for people to give back to their communities and the environment through their consumption of healthy snacks.

It aims to increase awareness about healthy food choices among the people of Gujarat, which is facing food scarcity.

The initiative, launched by the organisation the Food Aid Society, is aimed at making snacks available to the poor, who are often at a disadvantage in food distribution.

The society aims to provide snacks to the homeless and those in need by providing them with healthy and nutritious snacks, according to a release by the organization.

The project has already been implemented in five districts of the state.

The aim of the initiative is to empower people through the use of snacks, which are mainly made of organic ingredients.

In order to achieve the aim of food aid, the snacks are manufactured by a small team of volunteers.

“This project has been going on for a couple of months now and we have seen an increase in participation,” says Rishi Rangasamy, director of Food Aid Societies Gujarat.

“The initiative is the first step towards bringing awareness about snacks to our poor.

It has helped us to spread the word of the project and get snacks distributed.”

The project has also been launched by local NGOs like The People’s Action Centre (PAC), the People’s Liberation Front of Gujarat (PLGTU) and the Samajwadi Party-led Municipal Councils Welfare Committee (MPCWC) in Gujarat.

The snacks will be distributed through a community outreach project.

The Food Aid society is a non-profit organisation.

The organisation was founded by Dr Rishi Rao, who was a medical doctor.

The group aims to assist people of the city and the region to obtain healthier and more sustainable food.

The food aid is intended to benefit the poor by making snacks more affordable.