How to Make a Slim Jim Tool from the Iceberg Slim

How to Make a Slim Jim Tool from the Iceberg Slim

Slice, slice, slice.

This is the new mantra for slim jim tools, which have become a staple of modern slipperies and have become an industry staple for companies looking to keep up with their slipperie competitors.

Slice is a handy tool, but it’s not for everyone.

Slips are generally more difficult to clean, and they’re harder to keep clean.

Slides also require more work, since they require more attention and attention can be costly.

And, of course, they require a bit of work.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a slim jimp tool in your closet.

It’s just to say, if you’re going to get one, get one that’s easy to clean and easy to use.

We took the same approach as with the slipperjim tool and came up with the IceBrick Slim Jimp Tool.

With this handy tool you can make a slick jim from your favorite slipper, and it’ll look and feel just like the old one, no need to go to the store to find one that looks and feels just like a regular jimp.

We love this Slim JIM Tool because it looks like the one you see at stores like Walmart.

It has a slick, durable surface that’s a perfect fit for your slippers.

We like the slippers that we’ve been using, so the Slim JOMP will work with any of our favorite slippers and the slimmer ones that are popular on Amazon.

This Slim JEMP is available now for $79.99, so you’ll be saving a little bit of money.

We highly recommend it.

We also recommend getting this SlimJIM Tool if you want to use it with your favorite slim jims.

If you don’t have an old SlimJim Tool in your possession, you can still use the original slim jimmotool.

It is available at Amazon.