Slime factory, slime factory, factory, more slime!

Slime factory, slime factory, factory, more slime!

A slime factory in Manitoba has opened up a new production facility that is expected to produce about 300 million pounds of slime a year.

The factory is being constructed on a 1.8-hectare lot on the outskirts of Winnipeg.

It’s expected to be operational by mid-2017.

The slime factory is owned by the family of former prime minister Joe Clark, and was once a family farm that produced some of Canada’s most popular and nutritious cheese.

The Clark family says they’re excited about the factory and will be adding more production capacity.

“It will be a great addition to the area, which is a great place for our dairy herd to be,” said Doug Clark, the family’s president.

“There’s always a demand for it, especially in the winter months.

The product we have in this facility will be perfect for those times.”

The factory has been around since the 1980s, and has produced a number of varieties of cheese.

It is still one of the largest producers of cheese in the country.

The company says it plans to make cheese for several other Canadian producers.

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