What’s in your slim wallet?

What’s in your slim wallet?

A slim wallet isn’t just for snacking.

A slim wallets are also good for traveling and storing large sums of money.

In the new Slim Wallet survey, nearly a third of respondents said they have a wallet in which they are carrying only a few things.

That number jumps to a whopping 51 percent if they carry a large amount of money or $5,000.

The survey also found that one-third of respondents are carrying $5 to $10 bills.

Some people say carrying $100 bills or $10 bill cards are ideal for small amounts of cash, and that carrying only $5 bills is more economical than carrying $10.

Other people have no problem carrying $1 bills or a small amount of cash.

However, a slim wallet has to be able to handle more than $1,000 bills, $5 or $20 bills, or a $50 bill.

The slim wallet survey also asked people to choose between a leather wallet or a plastic wallet, and a slimwallet survey also showed that people prefer a wallet with a leather or plastic case.

It is also important to note that some respondents said the wallet is better for traveling, especially if you have to leave the house to store large sums in a wallet.

People said they preferred a slim-wallet wallet over a plastic one if traveling and their wallet was larger than $100.

However if you travel in a budget, a plastic or leather wallet is a better option.

What does the Slim Wallet Survey tell us?

Most people prefer slim wallets.

Some said they prefer a slim plastic wallet because they can store a small portion of cash and a large portion in a slimy plastic wallet.

However people also said a slim compact wallet is ideal for carrying small amounts.

A few people said that carrying a slim phone wallet or carrying $2 bills is preferable to carrying a wallet of $5-$10 bills and the survey also revealed that only 10 percent of respondents prefer a phone wallet, compared to more than 40 percent who said a wallet is best for traveling.

How do you choose the best wallet for you?

Find out if you can handle a slim $1 bill or a slim cellphone wallet, plus more in our Slim Wallet FAQ.