Slime Glue is an awesome new app to make the perfect Slimey, Slimey 2, Slime 2D or Slime 3D game

Slime Glue is an awesome new app to make the perfect Slimey, Slimey 2, Slime 2D or Slime 3D game

Slime glue is a weird little app, but it could soon be a real deal, if a company named Slime Glues has its way.

The company is hoping to have a version of its slime glue app available by the end of the year for free download, and the release of the app will be “just as awesome as the original,” as long as you buy a Slime Glued game.

The app, Slime Glute, is essentially a 2D and 3D version of the popular Slime game franchise.

Its a platform for creating games with a variety of levels of difficulty and complexity, and has been available for iOS, Android and Mac since 2013.

The Slime Gluten app’s release will be in the form of a free demo app, and Slime Glutes founder Alex Soto said the app could be a hit with kids and teens.

Slime Glue, which is based on the idea that slime is a type of glue, has already sold over 4.6 million copies of its Slime Glugging game, according to a Slurm developer blog post.

The app, which was announced earlier this year and is currently in beta, is one of several Slime Glutes available for download on the Slurms platform.

The first two apps, Slime Slugs and Slime Lube, are currently available for free on iOS, while Slime Gluta, a free app, is also in beta on the platform.

The first two Slime Gluts are available for iPhone, iPad and Android, while the free Slime Gluttons app is available on the iPhone and iPad.

Soto told Vice News he expects Slime Gluettes to be more popular on mobile platforms like iOS and Android in the future.

“We are trying to make it the perfect platform for kids to use Slime Gluing,” Soto, who works for the game-making company Llamasoft, told Vice.

“Kids can use Slime in a game, they can use it in a puzzle, and they can play it in the car park.

We want to make Slime Gluzing as natural as it can be.”

The Slimeglue app is similar to other Slime Glases available on SlurMs platform, such as Slime Glugs, Slime Bikes, Slime Clips, Slime Sticks and Slime Plugs.

Sota said Slime Glules have been around for a long time, and he hopes Slime Gluits will continue to grow in popularity.

“This is a fun game to play, so we are hoping it will be a big hit,” he said.