What’s in the new PlayStation 4 Pro Slim and PS4 Pro Slim Pro Slim (and what’s coming next?)

What’s in the new PlayStation 4 Pro Slim and PS4 Pro Slim Pro Slim (and what’s coming next?)

Slim builds on the foundation of the original PS4 Slim, but it also brings improvements to the entire system.

There’s more RAM, a better battery, and new features like a more powerful camera, more power efficiency, and more internal storage options.

The Slim Pro’s biggest change is its battery, which is now 5 percent smaller.

While it’s still the same size as the original, it’s significantly thinner than the original Slim Pro.

This means Slim now has a bigger battery and a larger memory, which means you can take more advantage of its full capabilities.

The new Slim Pro also gets a larger HDMI port and an 8K display, which should allow it to do more with less.

Slim also gets an improved battery, with a capacity that’s twice the original Pro’s.

This should make it longer-lasting and easier to charge.

The original Slim had a removable battery that would allow you to charge your phone with a USB cable, but this one is actually removable and has no ports on it.

The only ports you can see on the new Slim are an HDMI port, USB-C port, microSD card slot, and a MicroSD card reader.

We’re still waiting on the power indicator LEDs on the back, but we can assume that the new battery will be on the front and that the MicroSD slot will be the new USB-A port.

We also don’t have any confirmation on the MicroUSB port, but Sony says that it supports USB-B and USB-X, so this could mean a new USB Type-C or USB Type A port.

This will be a big change for many users, especially if they own a Sony console.

The slim is available for $499.99, while the Pro Slim is available starting at $599.99.