How to remove the Slime Anime in Playstation 4 Slim

How to Remove the Slime anime from your Playstation 4 slim?

If you’ve got the PlayStation 4 Slim, you’ve probably noticed the Slime series of anime characters popping up in some of your favorite games.

In fact, we’ve had enough Slime Anime to fill our own slime box.

Now, you can remove Slime Anime from your PS4 Slim, without leaving your house.

The Slime Anime Removal Guide can help you get Slime Anime removed quickly and easily.

You can remove slime anime from the PlayStation, by using the PS4 Remote Play feature.

The PS4 remote play feature allows you to control your PS3, PS4, or PS Vita games with the keyboard, without having to use your mouse or touch screen.

The Remote Play function is especially useful when you’re streaming games or watching movies on a TV screen.

For more information about Slime Anime, check out this page on the PSN forums.

For some Slime Anime removal advice, check our Slime Anime Guide article.

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