Slim picks: Slim picks’ slim picks: The most sexy swimwear

Slim picks: Slim picks’ slim picks: The most sexy swimwear

SINGAPORE – For the second year in a row, the world’s most famous women’s swimwear brand Slim Pickens, is making its slim picks in Singapore.

Slip-on slimming swimwear, made by the British company, has been voted by the Singapore International Swimwear Design Association (SISDA) as the most popular swimwear in the country.

The slim pickings were announced on Tuesday (July 23) by SISDA president John O’Mahony, who said the slim pickers, which are all made by slim brands, have been voted the best swimwear on the market and also among the most fashion-forward.

Mr O’ Mahony said the Singapore swimwear industry was now booming and the industry had become a huge industry.

“The demand is huge, so we have been able to tap into that market and now we are seeing a huge surge in demand,” he said.

Slide-on swimwear is one of the hottest items in the Singapore market.

It is one-piece swimwear with a waistband or no waistband, which means that it can be worn by anyone.

The Singapore swimsuits are made from the same materials as the swimsuits worn by many celebrities, including actors Kate Upton and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Mr Mahony also said the trend is growing, with more and more women wearing swimwear that was made in-house, in a manner that is much more organic and eco-friendly.

“There is a big shift going on now,” he added.

“There is much less material, less waste, and there are many eco-minded brands that are now making swimwear.”

Slim Pickens launched in Singapore in 2016, and it has sold more than 50,000 pairs of swimwear.

Its slim pickets have featured the likes of British actor Sophie Turner and Miss World swimmer Emma O’Reilly.

Slims founder and founder Lee Lee, who also owns and runs the UK brand Journeys, said the company was very proud of the success of the slim picks.

“Slim Picks is a very organic and sustainable brand.

It has the most innovative and trendy swimwear available,” he told The Straits Times.”

I feel proud to be the creator of the company and the creator in Singapore, which is the first country in the world to do that.”

The slim picks, which feature slim straps, are available in a range of colours, from black and gold to grey and silver, and are made by brands including SISSA, Slimmer, and D-H.