How slim and skinny is the pope?

How slim and skinny is the pope?

The pope, for all his charisma, is a man who has never been skinny.

He is also the only head of state in the world with a mass weight of more than 170 pounds, a figure that was confirmed last year by a Vatican report.

That’s more than any previous pope, including Benedict XVI, who was a weight of 170 pounds when he took office in 2007.

In the last pope, John Paul II, he weighed in at a paltry 162 pounds.

Pope Francis is not the only pope to be described as lean and thin.

Pope John Paul, a Roman Catholic who was dubbed “the fat pope” in an Italian magazine, was a slim 6 feet 3 inches and weighed just 160 pounds.

When John Paul was elected pope in 2001, he was described as “an impressive and healthy man with the appearance of a thin man.”

Francis has said he is “a great man.”

His weight has been questioned, but it was later determined that he was not eating a healthy diet.

Pope Benedict XVI weighed in around 180 pounds and was described by some as “obese.”

The pope’s weight has also been questioned because of a 2012 incident in which he was caught having sex with a married woman.

The Vatican’s medical report says he “suffered from hypercalcemia” after he had unprotected sex with her, but did not go into details.

In a 2013 interview with the Catholic magazine La Civiltà Cattolica, Francis denied that he ever had a sexual relationship with the woman, saying that he had sex with several women in a hotel room.

The Italian news website La Repubblica reported that “the pope’s doctor said the pope was a healthy man and that the sexual relations were consensual.”

The Vatican has said the report is flawed because of “misinformation.”

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