China slim tea made from slim fish

China slim tea made from slim fish

A Chinese company has developed a slim tea that it claims has more than 100 percent of its calories from fish.

The company’s website describes the product as slimy fish that is “unfiltered” so you can taste it.

The slim tea is made by mixing fish flakes with seaweed powder.

The flakes are then ground up with a mortar and pestle and then boiled for 10 minutes to make a gelatinous pulp.

It’s called Sizzling Snail Tea, and it is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur named Jin Li.

He said he got the idea from an old man named Jin Yu, who said he was looking for a fish snack that would help his son lose weight.

So he made a slim fish tea.

The Snail is a Chinese snapper fish.

It is a delicacy and a source of income in China.

There are also several other slim tea companies out there.

Jin Li is one of them.

He has launched to sell his product.

Jin’s website says it’s a low-carb alternative to “chicken soup.”

He also says the snails are healthy for the body and are “free of toxins, bacteria, and viruses.”

But the website says the product is not FDA approved.

Jin says the Snail was developed in collaboration with his uncle and that the snail was purchased from a supermarket in Shenzhen, China.

He says it is a low fat alternative to chicken soup, which is popular in Asia.

The website says he used the fish flakes to make the gelatinous fish pulp.

He added that the slim tea can be consumed raw or in a salad.

But the slim Tea’s name comes from a Chinese saying that means “the slim one.”

The website doesn’t list any specific ingredients, so we’re not sure what they are, but they do list that the product contains 100 percent fish.

That is a pretty generous claim.

According to the website, “SnailTea is a premium product that offers the lowest-fat option in the market.”

Snail tea is an ancient Chinese beverage.

It was popular in the ancient Han Dynasty, around the 10th century BC.

Snail teas are made with fresh fish flakes, fish eggs, and a mix of spices, according to the site.

A popular drink was also made from fish called a “snail tea.”

This tea was often mixed with rice wine or fish sauce to make it palatable.

According the site, it was also known as “the soup of the gods.”

We have to point out that this is a product made by someone who is not a scientist.

He doesn’t have any science background and he has not actually tested the product, which could explain some of the claims on the website.

According an article on Chinese food site Taobao, the product comes with an eight-day supply of fish flakes.

Snails can be hard to find in China, but the company offers the product in bulk at some stores.

Jin claims the slim Snail makes the Snails juice taste better and is better for the heart.

We hope Jin will be able to sell more products, especially as China gets more serious about obesity.

We’re also curious about the slim danger and how Jin plans to make money off it.

He told ABC News that he’s looking to start a new business and he is also seeking funding for his product, but he has yet to decide whether he will do it at all.

He did offer some advice for those who are interested in making their own slim tea.

Jin said: “If you don’t want to buy the product from the store, you should buy a few packets at a time and keep them at home for at least two weeks.

Then, if you are going to buy, you’ll buy only those packets.

Don’t buy the whole batch.”