The next great Australian console is coming soon – IGN

The next great Australian console is coming soon – IGN

A slim console that uses a slim chassis to deliver a smooth, high-performance gaming experience.

The slim console is the first gaming console designed to be built from the ground up for the new consoles.

It uses a thin aluminium frame to offer gaming comfort, while using an aluminum casing to reduce weight and reduce bulk.

The Slim Console is the world’s first gaming system built from aluminium and aluminium chassis, which is available in black, silver, and titanium.

The first Slim Console was built in a collaboration between the Australian and US gaming industries, with the US launching the Slim Console in the US on September 29, 2016, and Australia on October 8.

The Slim Console uses a lightweight aluminium chassis with a metal frame, but has the ability to be powered by batteries.

It features the Slim Gaming platform, which has an integrated HDMI port for video and audio playback, along with two USB ports, a microSD slot, and an optical input.

It also features a sleek, slim design, and comes in black or white, with a grey finish.

It’s not just about weight, but about performanceThe SlimConsole is the new standard for gaming consoles, and while some may be disappointed that it’s not a gaming console, it’s important to remember that it is built to deliver the best possible gaming experience for the consumer.

It’s designed to deliver extreme performance and performance that won’t compromise comfort or performance, meaning it’s designed for the gamer that wants to get the most out of their console.

The hardware is lightweight, so there’s not much to take up space, and the slim design means it can fit in a standard PC case, or in a suitcase.

The controller uses a single 6.3mm joystick, so you can play on a desktop or laptop with just a small change in layout.

The console has a microUSB port, which you can plug into a PC for charging or for connecting an external monitor.

It also has two USB 2.0 ports for charging, an Ethernet port, and two audio ports, and a HDMI port.

The processor on the SlimConsole uses Intel’s Atom processor.

It has a maximum of two cores per chip, and it’s up to 4,096MHz.

It can be overclocked to 4.7GHz, and is designed to run at higher temperatures and longer battery life.

The battery on the console has two different capacity types: battery life (when plugged into a wall outlet) and continuous power (when the console is plugged into the wall outlet).

The Slim console comes with a full 12 months of warranty, and supports a number of new standards including HDMI 2.2a, DisplayPort 1.4a, Thunderbolt 3, and Bluetooth 4.1.

It supports the new Blu-ray player and gamepad as well as Windows Hello and Steam.

The gamepad can be used with the Slim console as a controller, or a stand-alone gaming device.

It comes with four buttons, which can be mapped to play or pause games, and four triggers that can be placed on the screen to control the game.

The device comes with the Smartphone App, which allows you to quickly check your progress and download new content.

You can also sync your game progress to your Xbox Live account.

The company behind the Slim consoles, GameStop, said that the Slim Xbox 360 Slim console and Slim Xbox One Slim console are the best of their generation, and that GameStop has seen sales of the SlimXbox 360 Slim go up over 50 per cent.