This Week’s Slime Season 2

This Week’s Slime Season 2

A bunch of the world’s most prolific slime producers are gearing up for the next season of slime season, with the likes of L.A.-based slime-maker Fungus Limes and Seattle-based slime producer J.M. Slater both in the running for the honor of best slime producer.

Slime producers Fungal Limes (left) and J. M. Slater are two of the contenders for the 2017 slime season title, according to a video shared by Fungi Limes.

The video, uploaded to YouTube last week by Fongus Lames, is a short teaser for a season two episode.

A new video clip from this video is expected in the next week or so.

Fungus limes first slime season premiered in October.

In the clip, a Funga slime appears to be making its way down the road.

Slimes are made up of various ingredients that are added to the slime to create its desired texture, color, and taste.

Fungas slime is used in everything from making pickles to ice cream.

“I was so excited that we were finally able to make slime, I was so proud,” Fungis slime-producer Joe McQuade told ABC News.

“It was a really exciting moment for us, especially because we were already producing slime, we just needed to make it a little bit easier to work with.”


M Slater, a Seattle-area slime producer and owner of the J. J. Slater Slime Company, told ABC that he was impressed by Fingers slime producers Fuchs and M.J. Slater.

“They were so great to work on slime,” he said.

“They’re so good at making slime.”

In a video posted by J.

J’s Slime, the producers are shown making slime out of a bottle and a package of ice cream, but not a real slime.

Instead, J.

Js slime is made of a mixture of natural ingredients, including water and sugar.

“We love slime.

We love making slime.

I’ve been making slime since I was a kid, so it’s been a lifelong dream of mine,” J. Jones said.

Slate producers are also making slime at home, with their slime made up from a single batch of ingredients.

“A couple of us were in the process of making slime this year, and we made a batch and we were able to test it and we got really impressed with it,” J J Slater said.

The videos were shared by the J J. Limes Slime and Ice Cream Company.


J Slater added that it was a real pleasure to see the slime producers’ creativity and how it had impacted their production processes.

“It was really exciting for us to see that these slime producers were working with these real slime ingredients, that’s why it was so easy to make,” he told ABC.

“The whole experience has been pretty exciting, it’s pretty fun to see how these guys are going to continue to produce slime.”


J Slater said he was pleased with the slime season two producers, who had been working on the slime for two years.

“That’s a really awesome honor to be able to be part of this industry that I grew up with,” he explained.

“I was very excited about that.

I’m just happy to see this slime producers continue to make great slime.”

Slime season two will premiere on Oct. 12.