Snoop’s newest video is an homage to ‘rainbow slime’

Snoop’s newest video is an homage to ‘rainbow slime’

Snoops newest video features a cartoon character making a rainbow slime ball from the same stuff he is selling. 

In the video, the cartoon character uses the same ingredients to make the rainbow slimeball as Snoop’s current line of rainbow slimeballs, but instead of slime, it has a red substance in it. 

“The rainbow slime balls that Snoop sells are the ones with the pink substance in them,” Snoop explains in the video. 

He then uses a rainbow-colored plastic straw to make an object out of the pink slime ball. 

A lot of people have asked Snoop about the origin of the rainbow-coloured slime ball, and he said he has not found any evidence that the pink-slimeball slimeball was a product of Snoop. 

But, Snoop has created a brand new video, and it’s called “Rainbow Slimeball” and it looks like it’s going to be a hit. 

The video features Snoop, a cartoon cartoon character, making a pink slimeball from a pink substance. 

Snoop is selling the pink Slimeball for $10. 

(The original Slimeball, the original Rainbow Slimeball and other pink slimeballs have all been discontinued, and have not been retailed since 2012.)

“Rainbow slime balls are not made with real slime,” Snoops voiceover says.

“They are made with a pink, pink substance called ‘Rainbow Slime.'” 

In addition to being a hit with his fans, Snoops new video has garnered praise from people who’ve heard his music. 

One fan wrote in a Facebook post that Snoops video made them feel “like they were doing something worthwhile.”

“You are truly making an impact on the world with this video,” another wrote. 

This is not the first time Snoop Snoop is attempting to draw attention to his company.

In May of this year, Snoopers new line of “Rainbows” products was pulled from stores, citing an alleged “safety concern” about the product. 

And in June, Snooper said that he was going to use his “big mouth” to “make it through the summer.” 

If you’re a fan of Snoops music, or just a fan who likes Snoop videos, this might be worth watching.