How to remove the Slime Anime in Playstation 4 Slim

How to Remove the Slime anime from your Playstation 4 slim?If you’ve got the PlayStation 4 Slim, you’ve probably noticed the Slime series of anime characters popping up in some of your favorite games.In fact, we’ve had enough Slime Anime to fill our own slime box.Now, you can remove Slime Anime from your PS4 Slim, without leaving your house.The Slime […]

How slim and skinny is the pope?

The pope, for all his charisma, is a man who has never been skinny.He is also the only head of state in the world with a mass weight of more than 170 pounds, a figure that was confirmed last year by a Vatican report.That’s more than any previous pope, including Benedict XVI, who was a weight of 170 pounds when […]

The skinny on slimy tires

The slimmest of slabs is a thing of beauty.It’s a perfect vehicle for slimming down.For starters, slims don’t have to be too thin or too wide for your tires to be in a good place to grip.They can be as short as 1.5 inches and as long as 5 inches.And they don’t need to be as wide as you’d think […]

Haggis Slim Fit for the Slim Guy

The Haggies Slim Fit is a great product for the slim guy, and they’ve released an awesome version that’s also a great fit.The slim fit is a slim fitting jacket, a slim fit jacket, and a slim slim fit coat, all for $150 at the Haggie Shack.It’s available in a variety of colors, including light brown, black, and grey, as […]

What to do when you lose your iPhone 6s?

Slim thick eboney looks like an old iPod, but it can be yours for as little as $8.99.It’s a little pricier than the new iPod, and it’s not a true replacement for the new one, but the 6s is one of the best Apple products ever made.Slim thick  ebony is the perfect combination of durability, design, and affordability.This ebony iPhone […]

Snoop’s newest video is an homage to ‘rainbow slime’

Snoops newest video features a cartoon character making a rainbow slime ball from the same stuff he is selling. In the video, the cartoon character uses the same ingredients to make the rainbow slimeball as Snoop’s current line of rainbow slimeballs, but instead of slime, it has a red substance in it. “The rainbow slime balls that Snoop sells are the ones […]